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We have created this blog hoping it will provide you with advice, inspiration and valuable insights for your travels.

Whether you have been travelling the world for some time now and you are looking for a specific destination experience or you are just starting out and want to figure out how to book a cheap flight, what to pack or what are the little hacks that will help you enjoy your trip to the fullest, you’ll find it here. And if you’re missing something or you want to know more, just message us.

Jana & Paolo


Ever since I took my first flight with my parents, saw the world from up above and brought home my three new plush camels from Tunisia (don’t judge, I was four) I’ve loved to explore and bring home memories (and the occasional souvenir but we’ve moved from plush animals to mainly tea, coffee and all the good stuff you can eat or drink).

I started to learn about the world on my own during my first solo trip to the USA and after I’ve moved to the UK. At first to London for a few months and a few years later to Liverpool to do my master’s.

I love all kinds of travel so what you can find here on the blog is a mixture of low-cost road trips and beach resorts, posts from Vietnam where we lived for three months and absolutely fell in love with the country, and trips to both European countries and anywhere you can find cheap flight tickets to.



I love road trips and bike trips, I’m a professional photographer which means our bags usually carry a bit more equipment than those of our friends but I still prefer to enjoy the place, its atmosphere and capturing it on camera always comes second. I’ve started travelling more after I moved to Nottingham for Erasmus. A few years later I was lucky enough to spend a month in Japan during Tokio Design Week and learning about such a different culture made me even more excited about exploring the world.